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Click below to see a map of the main languages of Chin State (source: SIL International)

Map of languages in Chin State.pdf

History of the American Chin Baptist Mission, Vol. 1, by Robert G. Johnson (for members only)

Asiatic Research by John Rawlins

Rawlins, John. 1787. Cuci (Kuki).pdf

History of Chin Sacrifice by Chester Strait

Strait, Chester U. 1933.Chin Sacrifice.pdf

Chin Language by Kenneth Van Bik

VanBik, K. (2009). Proto-Kuki-Chin.pdf

Chin Dictionaries by David Van Bik

David Van Bik. Chin (Laiholh)-to-English-Dictionary.pdf
English-Lai Dictionary-David Van Bik.pdf
David Van Bik. English-to-Chin (Laiholh)-Dictionary.pdf

Service on the Chin Hills by A.G.E. Newland (click here)