The Chin Heritage Foundation


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In September of 2020, official articles of incorporation were filed, and by January 2021 we were recognized by the United States Government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Mission To Myanmar President and Foundation Church Pastor Mark A. Robinette, Rev. Hai Vung Lian (Pastor of Emmanuel Chin Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio), and Rev. Benjamin Sang Bawi (President of the Mid-American Chin Christian Fellowship and Pastor of the Carson Chin Baptist Church of Columbus Junction, Iowa) agreed together to form this organization for the mutual benefit and encouragement of the Chin people.

Our general purpose is to build up the Body of Christ among the Chin through education, printed and online materials, and conferences that teach Chin people about their history as Chin and as Christians.

Specifically, we are publishing new and out of print books, scanning out of print books to make available for research, leading Chin people to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and establish families that represent the work of Christ as well as build a museum in Columbus Junction, Iowa which will also serve as an education and research center for the many tribes of the Chin here in America and abroad.

We have already been in contact with descendants of Arthur and Laura Carson (American Baptist Missionaries who brought the Gospel to the Chin people), descendants of Dr. Erik Hjalmar East (the first medical missionary to the Chin and the one who baptized the first Chin convert), and the still-living children of Rev. Robert G. Johnson. Rev. Johnson’s son Richard and his daughter Ruth have given us permission to republish his book, History of the American Baptist Chin Mission. We are currently scanning it to make it available to research on the internet.

We are also in the process of collecting historical artifacts from the early days of the evangelization of the Chin. We have already re-published one out-of-print book many of you are familiar with through Foundations of Grace Publishing. People everywhere are now reading and learning again the incredible story of the Carsons’ work in the book Pioneer Trails, Trials and Triumphs, which Laura Hardin Carson wrote after she returned to America. We plan to publish the full story of Dr. Erik H. East from his memoirs this year, and we have also begun work on a more extensive book about Arthur and Laura Carson to supplement Pioneer Trails. We have also acquired a small collection of original photographs from the first few years of the first Chin mission, and we are in discussions with museums and historical societies about obtaining material for display in the Columbus Junction education and historical center.

There is much work to do and we ask for your prayers and ideas on how to make this organization a blessing to the hundreds of thousands of displaced Chin worldwide and to the Chin in Myanmar who have access to the internet.

Right now we know your hearts are crying out to God for the suffering of your people in Myanmar with the military coup and the COVID-19 difficulties. We have been working for the past few years toward these goals, and we are now ready to begin telling others about our work and looking for some to serve in this work with us.

Resources and information about membership will soon be available on this website, and we hope to hear your ideas about how together we can be more of a blessing to the Chin and to the whole Body of Christ.

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